Loop Sports Community

An innovative app offering you a whole management system to leverage your business performance in the sports and fitness fields. Every feature in Loop is designed to simplify your group communication and business management.


Loop helps you to create a community around your business and upgrade it: allowing you to effectively manage your day to day tasks and generate new leads.

Take full control and save your time by effectively managing your schedules, communicating with your trainees directly via Loop, so you can closely follow your business’ growth.

It's so easy

Get started in 3 steps

Create a business profile

Create your business profile (including classes you offer) using our friendly, intuitive user interface.

Invite and approve trainees

Invite your trainees and approve trainees’ requests to join your classes.

Manage all in one place

Take control over your business, managing all its aspects in one place: online reservations, payments, reporting and more.

Discover Loop App

  • Join a community of Sports professionals
  • Create and personalize your profile
  • Grow your business introducing your studio and classes to new trainees
  • Manage your calendar effectively, send invitations to join classes to new and existing trainees
  • Communicate with your trainees through posts and messages directly from Loop
  • Advertise products that your studio offers: classes, subscriptions, equipment and others
  • Analyze your performance using our innovative reporting system: cancelation rates, occupancy rates, new leads and much more
  • Generate payments and invoices directly from Loop


Do more with our app


Take control over your business

Enjoy centralized management of your business, including customers communications, payments, invoices and reporting.

Know exactly who intend to come to your next classes, who just canceled and how many trainees are in the waiting lis

See who has a valid subscription and who didn't pay yet to attend the class.


Optimize your agenda

Your trainees can register, cancel and share classes with their friends 24/7 using Loop.

You don't have to worry about waiting list anymore - if a trainee cancels his registration to a class, another trainee from the waiting list is getting notified and being registered automatically.


Real-time messaging service

Communicate effectively with your trainees and trainers by sending push notifications and messages directly from Loop.

Manage your own community wall, posting messages, photos and videos related to your group.

Be unique

Brand and customize to your needs

Highlight your brand by using choosing your own color-theme, your logo and photos and personalize your appearance.

Do not compromise on a monochrome, outdated product using old technology. Get on with your business to the next level!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free?

Yes! You can use the app for free if you have up to 20 trainees. If you have more than that, please contact as and we can offer you a personalized plan, depending on your needs.

How easy is it to start using Loop?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! All you need to do is start with downloading Loop and insert your sports group, name and picture, and then you can send a link for your clients to join your group from inside the app.

How trainees can register to my classes?

Whenever you add a one-time sessions (like a personal training) or a recurring ones (for example, every Monday at 17:00), your trainees can register easily at a click of a button. This way you can effectively manage your schedule always knowing who intend to come and who canceled.

What is the difference from other applications?

Loop is a social network of sports groups. It is a free tool that helps managers and business owners to create and maintain the most important aspect of customer retention: a community. Loop provides you with the business management aspects in one centric place.

How can I migrate to Loop from other applications?

You don't have to. You can send your trainees a link to join your group in Loop and you will automatically see their profiles and contact details.

Can I get a personalized app?

We can offer your a personalized version of Loop, including your own logo, theme colors and also a unique functionality that fits your business needs. We have several options to offer you for a competitive price.

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